SUP is suppose to be done in the ocean with waves isn’t it?

SUP did start as an ocean sport, but in the last few years it has be brought to the flat water.  One of the front runners in this is Tahoe SUP.  They have brought a displacement hull that is designed to paddle fast and cut through the chop that we find on lakes and rivers when the wind picks up, or from boat traffic.

How Hard is SUP?

Not hard at all.  The one skill that you will need to develop is balance.  At first you may feel a little tipsy, but with a few pionters and a little practice you will be on your way.

What makes SUP better?

SUP is not necessarily better, just different.  Since you are standing you will use some different muscles that when in a Kayak or Canoe.  Your vantage point is higher making it easier to see thing both in and out of the water.  And again it’s not necessarily more fun, just a different kind of fun and we invite all to try it!

What are the Different types of SUP boards?

We will break them down in to 2 groups. Though there can be tweaking in each group lets keep things simple for now.  1st there is the surf board style board.  They typically look like long-board surf boards.  They are typically thicker and wider to help them float better as the paddler is standing all the time.  The advantage to these boards are, the surf the smallest of waves with ease, and when the waves totally disappear you can just go for a nice long paddle.   The 2nd we will call Flat Water SUP boards.  These will have a more pointy front end.  Some call it a displacement hull.  These boards are meant for the paddler looking to put some distance between them and where the put in the water.  The boards will usually paddle faster and cut through the chop better then a surf style board.  Also these boards will most likely have places to put some gear since you are going a further distance you may need to bring a few things.  Both will work in either situation, but of course they perform better at what they were designed for, so decide which you do more and aim in that direction.

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