If you missed it on the home page. We are asking all who are interested in an SUP event or race in our area to please contact us via email. 2014 will be the 1st annual HUDSON VALLEY SUP EVENT!!

Welcome to the new HVSUP.com website! We’re working hard to bring the best stand up paddle boarding to the greater Hudson Valley! We’ll be having events around your area soon. Contact us for info, events, rentals, or lessons! More will come soon right here on this blog.  

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02 2010

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    We are planning a Demo with our Tahoe Rubicon SUP boards on May 7th. It will be either in Germantown or Rhinecliff depending on your feed back. Please email us if you would like to join us and try out one of the boards.

    • Sarah Hanaburgh #

      I would love to come watch, Rhinecliff is perfect location for me.

  2. 3

    Germantown is always good because I live here. Will you do anything in 2013?

  3. 4

    Okay so how long does it take to learn how to paddleboard? I tried surfing…Lol it was fun but I am not a big fan of wiping out in 6 feet of water.

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